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A unique cultural tour

The day starts with a steady climb easily conquered with E-Bikes, or for those with stronger legs, a decent challenge with a 100% human-powered bicycle (normal sports bike).  Through a tunnel, we enter the Tochihara district, which takes us on a mostly downhill journey for the remainder of the course. Through Tochihara we are met with, fantastic countryside scenery, nature, farmlands, and locals nestled between a mountainous valley. As we pass over the river and through the woods, you are introduced to some interesting artifacts and picturesque scenes. If lucky, you might even take an up-close photo of the adorable Bantan train. Your cycling guide will lead you back into the designated town of historic cultural importance that is Ikuno Town. 


As you cycle through Ikuno, you will experience a mining town with more than 1200 years of history. Take a moment and walk along the tracks of the mine carts that carried the ore at the time and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the rivers, shrines, and nature. Learn how French engineers were involved in the development of the industrialization of the mining town and the first step towards the modernization of Japan. Throughout this journey, some remarkable points of interest and stories are introduced of a Town unlike any other in Japan. It's even possible to enter the actual mine and learn about the techniques and technologies pioneered throughout its existence . 


The town includes the headstream of Maruyama River drifting to the Sea of Japan and Ichikawa River drifting to the Seto Inland Sea. In turn, it is the watershed of the north and the south of Hyogo prefecture. Additionally, as the legend goes, the opening of The Ikuno silver mine was in the 2nd year of the Daido era (807). Furthermore, a magistrate's office was placed in Ikuno during the Edo era. Accordingly, the silver mine has been supporting the town's prosperity for a long time until its closure in the 1970s.  

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