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Company housing #19
Check-in guide and house rules

In order to promote the modernization of Japan, the Meiji-Era government turned the Ikuno mine into a state-owned enterprise. Foreign industrialists were hired to assist with the development of  a modern model mine by introducing new technologies and methods. The official residences for the mining staff at that time is the same type of  house that you will experience staying in.  (Koushataku residence).

The official residences and company housing remaining in Japan are the some of Japans’s oldest buildings and are designated as cultural properties of Asago City.

Normally, the former Ikuno Mine staff dormitory is a tourist facility, but house numbers 9 and 19 now also serve as special accommodation facilities. These are facilities where guests can experience a trip back in time and  ponder about what life was like in the Meiji era.


For guests arriving by car.

Please use the parking lot for guests on the east side of the building. Please note that we are not responsible for any accidents or thefts in the parking lot.

Google map parking location:
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There is a smart key box located towards the right. Keys to the house are inside.

19 check in lock jpn .jpg

Entrance to the property is a double door. To enter, remove the bar, then twist the lock holder to open. Please remember to close it again after entering.

1. Enter the one-time pin provided to you before check in and press the open-lock icon to open the box.

2. Keys are attached to a retractable string. Pull the keys towards the door lock

3. Return the keys to the box and close the lid. Keys can be accessed at any time during your stay. Please note that the box cannot be opened after checkout time.

Regarding check-in.

Check-in is permitted between 4pm and by 9pm. After entering, please fill in the necessary documentation such as the guest's names on the accommodation list. It is located on the desk and is a legal requirement. Copies of your passport will be required as well.

       * Since this inn is an unmanned inn, a guest-record is required by the public health center.

Please fill in the following items.

(1) Name, address, age, telephone number, gender, occupation.
(2) Building/room name, arrival date, departure date
(3) For foreigner travelers, the nationality and passport numbers are also required.

Regarding checkout.

・Check-out time is at 11:00 am. Cleaning staff will come after 11:00 am, so please leave by then. If not possible, please inform the host as soon as possible. A penalty fee might be incurred for guests who overstay.

・ Please return the used items to their original positions and cooperate in organizing and cleaning the rooms. 

・ Open the key box on the side of the entrance by entering the pass-code again and please lock the entrance before leaving.

・ Forgotten items will most-likely be disposed of, so please check carefully before you leave.

Kitchen and tableware.

Various kitchen appliances are available to use such as an IH an stove, microwave oven, refrigerator, and pots, but ingredients and seasonings are not available.

 If necessary, please purchase your own ingredients at the local convenience store or supermarket in advance.

 If you wash the used dishes and dry them in a drainer rack, the staff will check them at the time of cleaning and put them away.

Please divide the garbage generated in the facility into combustible and non-combustible materials and put them in the trash can.


 Free Wi-Fi is available. (TV is not available at the inn.)

・ Air conditioning is available in the main room. The house is relatively cool even in the summer and features traditional sliding doors. Please feel free to open these doors to allow for more airflow.

・During winter, kerosene gas heaters and a traditional heated table are available.

About towels and other amenities.

・ Face towels, bath towels and toothbrushes are available.
・ Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and a hairdryer is available. Shaver's, pyjamas, or toiletries aren’t available, so please bring your own.
・ Please note that we only clean the rooms or make beds after your stay.


Turn on the water heater switch (pictured below) on the wall of the kitchen and add hot water to the bath. When the bath is full, be sure to turn off the power and drain the hot water.


■ Valuables and luggage.
・ Luggage cannot be stored before check-in and after check-out.
・ Please manage your valuables by yourself. Please note that the guest house is not responsible for any loss or theft of your belongings during your stay.

■ Prohibitions, etc.

・ Since the former Ikuno Mine staff dormitory (Koushataku residence), including accommodation facilities, are designated as cultural property of Asago City, fire and smoke is strictly prohibited on all premises (entrance and garden). Smoking is also prohibited. Fire alarms are installed in all rooms.) Guests who fail to respect these rules may be fined.

・ Please cooperate so that there is no noise, especially after 9 pm, as it may cause inconvenience to the neighborhood.

・ Please note that we may charge you separately if the equipment and other items in the facility are damaged or taken out, or if they become extremely dirty after use (spills, spills, etc.).

・ Please note that we may also charge you for any overstay due to late checkout.

Emergency contact / contact information
If you have any problems or have any questions, please contact us at:
TEL: 090-4667-4349 (dedicated mobile phone) 9am-5pm

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Disaster prevention information
For disaster prevention information, please check the Asago City website with the QR code below.
Disaster prevention information on Asago City website

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