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"He who controls Ikuno, controls Japan"

Mining was Ikuno's first industry, dating back to 807. The discovery of silver in the mountains surrounding the town made it a miner's hub. Mining continued here for nearly a thousand years, during which time copious amounts of copper and silver were mined. Since 2016, Ikuno Town has been recognized as an important National Heritage site due to playing a significant role during Japan's industrialization and boasting a unique cultural landscape. 


Why is a stay in Ikuno Town so special?

A true countryside town, yet situated close to major cities. Ikuno offers visitors a convenient and peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Sometimes referred to as a hermit town by the locals, Ikuno is situated between a range of mountains, rivers, and ever-changing seasonal scenery. 

Ikuno town is recognized as having a unique cultural landscape and also acts as an open-air museum. With many one-of-a-kind buildings and sites from the Meiji period still remaining, you can travel back in time to learn more about Ikuno Town and France's significant role during the Industrialization of Japan.  

More than just a place to stay.

The Ikuno Stay concept was born as a regional revitalization project that aims to utilize and preserve the architectural landscape and culture of Ikuno Town.

Visitors are rewarded with a special and authentic experience of Japan that few others have received. Your stay here contributes to a lasting effect on the preservation and future survivability of a historically significant town. 


Enter the mine

Estimated Access Time to Asago City and Ikuno Town.

From Tokyo Area by Train.

       Tokyo Sta. -----  Himeji Sta. ------ Ikuno Station  (About 4 Hours)

From Osaka Area by Train.

       Osaka Sta. -----  Himeji Sta. ------ Ikuno Station  (About 2.5 Hours)

From Osaka Area by Car.

 (About 2 Hours)

From Kyoto Area by Car.

  (About 2.5  Hours)

Ikuno Kougen Country Club and Sugomori Glamping resort are only 10 minutes away.

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