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Mining was Ikuno's first industry, dating back to 807 AD. The discovery of silver in the mountains surrounding the town made it a miner's hub with mining activities lasting nearly a thousand years, during which time copious amounts of copper and silver were found. After the warring period, Ikuno Mine served as the main source of income for the Tokugawa Shogunate. 1899 saw the mine turn into imperial property with coal, lead, silver and gold being the main extractions. Mining operations halted in 1973 and the mine was turned into an educational center and museum. Since 2016, Ikuno Town has been recognized as an important National Heritage site due to its significant role in Japan's industrialization period and boasting a unique cultural landscape. The area sits 300m above sea level with 90% of the area consisting of mountainous landscapes. Nature is abundant with lakes, rivers, waterfalls and forests all easily accessible. 


Ikuno Town

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